11 Harvest And Storage Equipment You Need For Your Garden.

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment You Need For Your Garden.

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment

Harvesting and storing from your garden is a breeze when you have the right tools and supplies. Learn what they are with our comprehensive list!

Harvesting and storing your garden food doesn’t have to be a difficult job. Having the right equipment on hand will make it easier, faster, and more enjoyable to store your homegrown produce at its peak of freshness and nutrition. Here are 11 tools and supplies you’ll need for harvesting and storing from your garden.

Harvest Bucket

The universal bucket is the ideal container for houses, yards, and gardens. It is equipped with two stable, handy-carrying handles. It has a smooth surface inside and out and is therefore very easy to clean. In addition, the bucket is particularly UV-stable, durable, and stackable.

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment

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Mash Barrel 

The mash barrel / wide-necked barrel has a capacity of almost 30 liters and is blue – a quality product from Germany and other parts of the world, and can be used for transportation and storage in agriculture and industry.

Stable, light, and handy – incl. lid with seal and clamping ring. The wide-necked barrel is thick-walled and stackable, the round barrel is upright with a wide-necked opening. Manufactured from food-safe polyethylene, with UN-X hazardous goods approval for solids. The barrel is also resistant to most acids and alkalis.

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment

Beverage Keg

The classic beverage keg is ideal for the storage of beverages. The keg can be filled with a volume of 31 l and is made of food-safe and UV-stable plastic. The scope of delivery includes an airtight screw cap, a screw cap with a hole, a fermentation bell, and an outlet tap.

Fruit Picker

The combi system fruit picker is ideal for conveniently picking fruit straight from the tree. The small teeth between the plastic tines also make it easy to pick smaller fruits. All fruits are collected in the robust catch bag, where the content is clearly visible. The handle facilitates comfortable use on low trees or branches hanging far down, even without the combi system handle. The working angle can be individually adjusted with the quick-release fastener so that all points in the tree can be reached effortlessly.

A combi system telescopic handle made of high-quality aluminum is included in the scope of delivery. This can be variably adjusted in length from 210 cm to 390 cm. In this way, you can easily reach a working height of up to 6 m.

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment

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The round wooden sieve, consisting of a hardwood edge and chrome-plated wire mesh with a mesh width of 4 mm, is suitable for finely sieving sand and the like.

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Harvest Basket

Harvest baskets and totes enable you to easily transport fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants from your garden. They are designed to be carried from one place to another on your arm, allowing you to quickly and efficiently move them around without strain on your back.

Look for harvesting totes with padded handles for added comfort and weaved or mesh fabric for breathability. Bushel bins are ideal for large-scale harvest jobs – look for lightweight models that are designed to help you move bushels of apples, potatoes, and other crops in a single trip!

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment

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Potato Box

The potato box Mini is ideal for storing up to 50 kg of potatoes. It is easy to assemble and is made of sanded, stable softwood.

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Foldable Harvest Basket

The Fiskars Harvest Basket Plus makes collecting, transporting, and cleaning at harvest easier. The garden harvest basket with different sides allows for separate storage of washed and unwashed harvest products and harvesting tools.

Harvest basket with three compartments

The harvest basket has a side with drain holes that serves as a strainer. Here you can clean your harvested fruit or vegetables directly. The closed side is used to transport or soak the harvested products. Thanks to the two compartments, you can separate already-washed food from unwashed ones.

Another, narrower compartment is integrated into the middle. Here you can store harvesting tools such as gloves, pruning shears, or harvesting knives separately from the harvested products and always have them to hand when harvesting.

Side handles and folding handles for convenient carrying

There are ergonomically designed handles on the side that allow carrying with both hands. So you can safely bring larger fruit or vegetables from the vegetable garden into the kitchen. The folding handles allow you to carry the harvest basket with one hand and interlock at the top for easy handling.

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment

Sturdy, durable harvest basket

The harvest basket is made of reinforced plastic, which makes it very strong, hard-wearing, and durable. In addition, the harvest basket can be easily cleaned by hosing it down with water.

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Telescope Handle Fruit Picker

The fruit picker is a practical helper when harvesting tree fruits. It has a picking crown made of metal with a diameter of 16 cm. The inner diameter (between the prongs) is 13 cm. It is mounted at an angle, which makes work easier.

The cotton sack underneath catches the fruit directly and prevents it from falling. Thanks to the coated telescopic rod, fruit can also be picked from higher places, because it can be continuously extended from 165 cm to 300 cm. A practical hanging loop at the end of the handle enables space-saving storage.

Beverage Plastic Keg

The universal barrel offers you the advantage of a wide range of possible uses as a storage barrel, transport barrel, and fermentation barrel. The stable, thick-walled design is sealed with an airtight screw cap. The integrated inner part of the lid with an additional screw socket is also airtight with the standard sealing cap.

Thanks to the transparent material, the fill level is clearly visible from the outside. Manufactured from impact and shock-resistant, food-grade, undyed polyethylene. Temperature is resistant from – 20°C to + 50°C. Also resistant to most acids and alkalis – please contact the manufacturer about the resistance.

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment

Potato Rack

How to store your potatoes correctly – The natural potato rack is cleanly processed and made of natural, planed pine wood. The potatoes can be easily removed from the bottom drawer. The battens ensure good ventilation.

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Crops Harvest Knives and Sickles 

For larger crop harvesting, you’ll want to invest in some high-quality crop harvest knives or sickles. These are curved blades that are ideal for cutting through heavy vegetation and harvesting multiple fruits, vegetables, and herbs with one swipe. Look for ones made from stainless steel or non-stick coatings for easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as comfortable grip handles for added control over your cutting.

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment

Garden Cart or Wheelbarrow 

When it comes to harvesting and storing larger crops or branches, a garden cart or wheelbarrow is essential. These handy tools dramatically increase your lifting capabilities, allowing you to transport larger loads easily without feeling weighed down.

Look for models with large rubberized pneumatic tires so they can run over any terrain with ease, as well as wide and deep buckets that can hold up to 200 pounds of material.

11 Harvest And Storage Equipment

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