13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need To Protect Your Farm.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need To Protect Your Farm.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need

Whether you’re dealing with adverse weather conditions, controlling weeds, or just trying to enhance production, using the best foils and fleeces can help you get the most out of your farm. Here are 13 of the best foils and fleeces available to maximize yields on your farm.

Foils and fleece can provide a wide range of benefits to farmers. Install a foil on your crops to reduce the impact of solar radiation from degrading plant quality, preserving moisture in the soil, or preventing frost damage. Use fleeces both for insulation in winter and shading during hot weather, allowing for greater crop yields. Furthermore, use weed control foils to significantly reduce the need for manual weeding.

Mulch Foil

The black mulch foil made of plastic (LDPE) is ideal for storing soil heat and moisture in order to support the growth of your plants through the greenhouse effect. By warming the soil, thanks to the foil, your plants can grow better at lower temperatures. Your plants will mature faster and your yield will increase. To ensure that the plantings are reliably protected, a combination of mulching and the use of mulch film is a good idea.

 The water permeability of the mulch foil is particularly important, as it is the only way to prevent the bark mulch applied in the garden from being washed away or the weight of the accumulated water from compacting the soil and damaging plant growth.

To use the foil, place the foil over your bed and make cross-cuts where your plants are. Please only cut holes as large as the plant is tall and water the plant. You can fasten the edges of the mulch film with ground anchors or stones. The lack of light keeps your bed free of weeds.

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Bubble Wrap Foil

The bubble wrap made of polyethylene serves as the perfect padding protection for easily breakable objects such as glass or porcelain. The 0.5 MX 5 m large bubble wrap protects against breakage, scratches, dust, and moisture. In addition, it can also be used as insulation or void filling when moving house. You can also protect your plants from frost and cold with this bubble wrap, as it is waterproof and moisture-repellent. It is also resistant to heat and cold (-20 °C to + 60 °C).

Root Barrier Foil 

The Premium root barrier is built vertically into the ground and serves to contain root growth and damage caused by aggressively rooting plants (such as bamboo and ornamental grasses). The premium product made of high-tech material is flexible and easy to use.

The root barrier can be cut individually and is glued with the supplied butyl adhesive tape. It protects walkways, buildings, and utility lines from root damage by providing controlled growth in your garden. Ideal for pond systems, the root barrier protects your pond liner from damage to rhizomes.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need

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Garden Fleece 

The garden fleece protects your vegetable plants from damage, can be cut individually, and promotes the growth of your plants. It ensures a natural microclimate and also protects against insects.

Area of ​​application & advantages

Use the garden fleece made of polypropylene and thus create optimal growth conditions for your flowers and vegetable plants. It also serves as a protective fleece. Your plants will be protected from sun, rain, storm, and hail damage. The garden fleece has a size of 5 x 1.5 m.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need

Cold Frame Foil

The cold frame foil protects your plants from the weather from rain, storms, or wind and is also UV-resistant. By covering your plants or salads, you also protect them from insects, snails, or beetles.

With all these protective devices, the cold frame foil also lets enough water through and is permeable to air and light. By covering the plants with the foil, a greenhouse effect is created, which promotes the growth of your plants. The cold frame foil has a size of 10 MX 1.5 m.

Weed Fleece

Weed control prevents the growth of less aggressive weeds without having to use chemicals that are harmful to the garden. It is ideal for year-round beds that are regularly maintained.

Breathable and moisture-regulating

The fleece consists of durable polypropylene and is air and water-permeable. Light and nutrients are allowed to pass through the weed mat, allowing for natural soil cultivation. While the plants can grow and develop, weeds cannot emerge or emerge. As a further positive effect, the fabric stores the heat in the ground and regulates the moisture balance.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need

Simple application

The 5m x 15m weed mat is placed over the desired areas and then covered with soil, bark mulch, ornamental stones, fine gravel, or other suitable materials. The covering should be applied with a thickness of at least 5 cm. Since the hard-wearing fabric does not fray, you can simply cut or trim it with standard scissors.

Sandbox Fleece

The sandpit fleece keeps weeds and insects that live in the ground out of your sandpit. Mixing of the subsoil and play sand is also prevented by using the fleece.

Water and air-permeable sandpit underlay

The fleece consists of pure polypropylene with a thickness of 90 g/m². It is breathable, tear-resistant, and weather-resistant. Thanks to a water permeability of 165 l/m²/s, no backwater forms in the sandbox, and the play sand can dry quickly after a downpour.

Customizable groundsheet

You can easily cut the 2 MX 2 m sandpit fleece with scissors or a carpet knife so that it also fits smaller sandpits. We recommend that you let the tarpaulin protrude slightly at the edges and fix it with a staple gun before you fill in the sand.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need

Weed Blocker Fleece

The weed blocker fleece is weed protection without chemicals on garden paths, terraces, and beds. You may have seen it in public parks and city gardens: here and there a little tissue peeks out from under the bark mulch. These are ground fabrics specially made for this purpose, also known as weed blockers.

 With such a weed film in your garden, you enjoy many advantages that you would only get with chemical agents which would mean significantly more effort. With a ground fabric as a weed blocker, they protect garden paths, terraces, and beds against unwanted weed infestation or the spread of self-planted garden plants in unwanted places.

Once moved – works  for a long time

The foil is made of robust, black ribbon fabric consisting of 100 percent polypropylene. The weed blocker already reduces the growth of weeds underground by depriving them of light. These ground fabrics are worth their weight in gold, especially under newly laid paths. Because you can save yourself the annoying weeding with a previously laid film. 

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need

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Regardless of whether it is a gravel path, a new terrace, or the freshly paved driveway: sooner or later the unwanted green usually comes through the cracks and joints. In spring and summer, garden owners then usually sit once a week on the actually so beautiful plant and pluck, scratch, burn or spray. Thanks to the weed films, this is now over.

Before you lay new terrace tiles, slabs, a gravel path, or similar, simply place the Noor weed blocker on the subsurface on the intended and already leveled area. This gives you a smooth parting layer and also the advantages mentioned above.

Lay your terrace slabs, gravel, or mulch (in beds) over the foil as usual. You will wait in vain for weeds in these areas because since the film takes away the necessary daylight for the seedlings that want to shoot out of the ground, they stop growing.

 Likewise, plants placed in beds, such as the beautiful but elusive columbine, are prevented from crawling out of the ground because the soiled tissue blocks their way. Even the annoying dandelion doesn’t stand a chance against the foil. It goes without saying that dust and earth gradually settle into the cracks in the terrace stones. So if flying seeds get into the narrow gaps, smaller grass plants or mosses can settle, despite the foil underneath.

First, you should thoroughly clean the area to be covered with weeds, level it, and free it from sharp, pointed stones and the like. It is best to discard damaged foil sections immediately. Carefully spread the fabric out on the surface, overlapping the edges by at least 10 cm.

Then fix it with ground anchors or stones. Once you have spread the surface material on the foil, after a few days you can remove the fixation. Then the material has settled and will remain in place. You can then easily cut off the overhanging edges of the film.

In beds, the soil fabric is recommended both as a weed blocker and as a root protection for planted garden plants. The film ensures a balanced soil climate, retains moisture, and prevents severe drying out or direct ground frost.

The roots develop better under it and similar to a cold frame foil, the ripening time can be shortened, for example with freshly planted shrubs. Thanks to a sheet that is laid out, there is usually no silting or encrustation on the ground. Definitely a win for new beds and plants.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need

Underlay Weed Barrier Fleece

The sub-soil fabric is a strong weed barrier laid between the soil and paved surfaces such as gravel and pavers. It is suitable for use under sidewalks, garage driveways, and small, paved areas in the garden.

UV-resistant and water-permeable fleece

The dense weave made of black polypropylene is UV-stabilised and blocks out the sunlight to prevent weeds from growing in the first place. In this way, the underbody fabric prevents weed growth without any chemicals. Thanks to its permeable structure, water can seep through the weed fleece, which prevents waterlogging.

The permanent solution against weeds

Due to its high stability and durability, the protective film can remain in the ground for years and is therefore a permanent solution against weed growth. In addition, the tarpaulin strengthens the subsoil and makes it more resilient. With the dimensions of 5 MX 2 m (WxD), it enables the coverage of medium-sized areas.

Recommendation for use

Remove all weeds, preferably including the roots, from the planned area. Then fasten the subsurface, for example with a vibrating plate, and lay out the film. Depending on the project, the surface can now be covered with gravel or paving stones.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need

Winter Protection Fleece

This breathable organic winter fleece from Videx Garden is made from renewable raw materials. The fleece can be reused several times. The feather-light winter garden fleece is breathable and permeable to air, water, and light so that your plants can spend the winter well protected during the frosty months.

Tomato Foil

The perforated green tomato film is used to cover your tomato plants and protect them from wind, rain, and low temperatures. It also accelerates the harvest and allows your tomatoes to ripen optimally. To use, cut off about one meter of the foil tunnel.

The foil must be large enough as the plant will grow over time. Adjust the length of the foil if necessary. The upper end of the film is closed with the binding wires included in the scope of delivery. The lower end can be fixed with ground anchors.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need


Mole Blocker

This mole blocker will successfully protect you from the moles. When laying out new lawns or beds, you can simply use the mesh horizontally or vertically as a separating layer. The mole grid is flexible and easy to lay. It also offers very good protection against erosion on slopes and embankments.

Assembly instructions – In the case of horizontal laying of rolled turf or a new installation, lay the strips with an approx. 5 cm overlap and connect them either with our ground spikes or with binding wires. It should be noted that there should be no gaps so that the pests cannot penetrate the lawn.

Lay the new turf over the grid. When laying new lawns with lawn seeds, please lay the mole blocker approx. 10 cm under the lawn layer and then apply the seeds. You can subsequently protect existing systems with vertical installation. Here, however, you have to insert the fabric at least 1 m deep into the ground and limit your lawn underground.

Working principle – Moles dig their tunnels at a speed of up to 7 meters per hour and inhabit an average territory of 2000 square meters. Their burrows are no deeper than 10-20 cm in summer. Moles only migrate to deeper regions of up to 60 cm when it is very dry and frosty in winter.

So if the mole is blocked by a grate from moving up or down in these areas, it will migrate to another area. Of course, it can also happen that a mole gets lost in the root layer between the lawn and the mole blocker, but then it will not feel comfortable in this area and will soon run away.

13 Best Foils And Fleeces You Need

Root Blocker Foils

The root blocker is a coated geo-foil made of HDPE as an effective barrier against creeping roots. Damage to pipes, foundations, paths, terraces, and walls is prevented

The barrier to creeping roots

If you have cultivated bamboo or other creeping root plants in your garden, you will have noticed that they grow very quickly and uncontrollably. These plants are very stubborn when it comes to spreading wild outside of their allotted space. The so-called rhizome barrier was therefore developed especially for creeping roots.

According to the encyclopedia, rhizomes are usually shoots of the earth that grow underground or close to the ground. Unlike web roots, they are relatively strong, so they push other roots and even patio stones aside. With a rhizome barrier, you limit the growth of the ground shoots to a specific area.

Advantages: On the one hand, with a rhizome barrier you get the desired image of your garden because the planted plants only stay where they were planted. On the other hand, this special root blocker avoids significant, costly damage to underground pipes, paths, terraces, and buildings.

Attention: Be sure to order the locking rail as well.

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